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** Special Announcement **

Change in our Billing Procedures Effective July 1st 2018:

All residents,

In order to comply with Federal Guidelines, effective immediately, our organization must bill residents for our services. Our previous policy was not to pursue those balances not paid by your insurance. Due to these changes, as described below, we must now bill the balance of all bills or portions of billed services not covered by your insurance.

The required change in our billing process is due to the Old Bridge Township's decision to no longer fund the local volunteer first aid squads as they have in the past. These circumstances are out of our control and must now implement this change to continue to be eligible to serve the residents of Old Bridge.

We apologize for the added burden this will place on you the residents. Be assured that our ALL VOLUNTEER first aid squad will continue to provide the same high quality service and care to the residents and visitors of Old Bridge as in the past.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Central Old Bridge Emergency Medical Services

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